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RSS. It was impossible
to simulate real skin feeling,
iFace did it.

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Even the deep planes.

With iFace S1,doctors can study the most important facial arteries, veins and muscles in a realistic way. Besides, the Simulator’s specific design includes a superficial fat layer that allows to recreate the application of cannulas and lifting threads, reaching the muscular deepest layers.

Loosing the fear – it was never so easy

Endless possibilities. This simulator gives you the chance to practice how to apply toxins, fillers and threads, either with needles or cannulas, as many times as you want. In S1, arteries are designed to be handled with care and studied thoroughly. It is possible, if using washable markers, muscles and risky areas on the skin with needles and monofilament threads.

                                                                 The Skin that makes the difference

Zoom image of the skin

Outer covering

Encapsulating silicone

Internal gel

Silicone gel

Base silicone

More rigid silicone gel

The skin that was developed for this simulator, combining several formulas in our laboratory, contains 3 stages, with three work systems and components each:
The outer covering of what we perceive as the skin of the simulator, is composed of a layer of platinum-based silicone, soft, flexible and resistant, with encapsulates an internal gel.

The encapsulated internal gel is what provides the appearance and sensation of the plasticity, elasticity and flexion of human skin, making it possible to generate the particular wrinkle in the skin.

The silicone that acts as a posterior base, also provides a human-like sensation, but generating more than anything rigidity to the whole and resistance to the work required.

These last two layers are in turn made up of a platinum silicone, and formulated in such way, so that the internal gel is not lost. We have a high-level technology that offers more security and strength, avoiding the loss of the product.

The elements that make it up

1. Encapsulated silicone gel skin

Made up of 3 layers

2. Reference of the tragus

Anatomical purpose only

3. Beginning of the intertragic notch

Anatomical purpose only

4. Superficial Fat tissue

Hyper-realistic open tacking feel and texture

5. Cartilage

Semi flexible material – Realistic feeling

6. Real sensation Arteries

The main routes, for an anatomical study

7. Veins

Flexible and elastic

8. Silicone right muscle

Soft and flexible material – it is not removable

9. Silicone left muscle.

When opened, it gives us the possiblelity of observing the deep fat

10. Ligaments

Realistic feeling

11. Deep fat tissue

Hyper-realistic open tacking feel and texture with intramuscular insertion – Right side

12. Deep fat tissue

Hyper-realistic open tacking feel and texture with intramuscular insertion – Right side.

13. Rigid anatomical skull

Realistic touch and hardness material

The ultimate experience.


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