3D Facial Layers Model


iFaceSimulator 3D Facial Layers Model, designed in collaboration with Prof. Sebastian Cotofana.

Revolutionary! The model is a hyper-realistic device that replicates a life-size human head, displaying anatomical three-dimensional layers. It also includes an exclusively designed course based on the iFace model led by Prof. Sebastian Cotofana.

Discover the secrets of the iFaceSimulator anatomical model, which will provide you with the closest experience to real life and enable you to comprehend three-dimensional facial anatomy like never before with the iFaceSimulator.

 Its advantages are unique:

– Visualization of the Layers of the Face is made possible through various pre-dissected windows, including the skin, superficial fatty layer, aponeurosis, loose connective tissue, muscles, fat compartments, fascia, pre-periosteal fat, and periosteum.

– An exclusively designed course, led by Prof. Sebastian Cotofana, is centered around the model and offers the opportunity to learn about Three-Dimensional Anatomy of the Face. This course is meticulously crafted to cater healthcare professionals, particularly those engaged in surgical or non-surgical procedures. Its aim is to provide a comprehensive understanding of facial anatomy, thereby enhancing their clinical practice and ultimately improving patient outcomes.

Purchase Details:

Price: USD (United States Dollars). The price covers both the product and the 3D FLM Program: Mastering Three-Dimensional Anatomy of the Face course, instructed by Prof. Sebastian Cotofana.

Shipping Fees: The iFaceSimulator does not include shipping costs; the listed price is the base cost, and shipping is an additional fee. Please note that there may be additional customs clearance duties in your country.

Shipping Time: Following your purchase, please allow 30 to 60 days for processing and shipping.

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