3D Facial Layers Model



iFaceSimulator 3D Facial Layers Model

Revolutionary! The model is a hyper-realistic device that replicates a life-size human head, displaying anatomical three-dimensional layers.

Discover the secrets of the iFaceSimulator anatomical model, which will provide you with the closest experience to real life and enable you to comprehend three-dimensional facial anatomy like never before with the iFaceSimulator.

 Its advantages are unique:

– Visualization of the Layers of the Face is made possible through various pre-dissected windows, including the skin, superficial fatty layer, aponeurosis, loose connective tissue, muscles, fat compartments, fascia, pre-periosteal fat, and periosteum.

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Price: USD (United States Dollars). The price covers both the product and the 3D FLM Program: Mastering Three-Dimensional Anatomy of the Face course

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