Product training features

Can I draw on the simulator?

IFace simulators allow drawing the injection points and the riskiest anatomical areas as well.

Can the simulator be washed?

Marks can be erased with makeup remover. It is recommended to use totally washable markers to avoid the simulator being smudged.

What kind of needles and cannulas can I use on the simulator?

All kinds of needles and cannulas can be used on our simulators.

Can I use threads on the simulator?

The S1 simulator allows the application of monofilament and lifting threads. The design of the skin and the subcutaneous cell layer is extraordinarily realistic!

Can I inject into the simulator's muscle tissue?

The muscles in the S1 are made of silicone, so it is possible to go into them for study and marking.

Can I touch and handle the arteries?

The arteries in the S1 model are designed so that they can be handled freely and studied in depth.

Are skin and fat layers totally reversible?

It is better to remove skin and fat only up to chin level.

Does injecting in the simulator feel the same as when doing it on a patient?

In the S1 model, the design of the skin and the subcutaneous cell layer mimics the experience of injecting in a real person, with needles, threads and cannulas!

Is the proportion of muscle and vascular tissues true to real?

Sure. The simulator design is based on qualified scientific knowledge, and all aspects are considered.

How are threads removed?

Very carefully. Just pull the remaining thread hanging from the skin.

Can I inject real product into the simulator?

There will be no change in the simulators if you inject real product into them.

Is the real distance between skin and bone considered?

Sure. The distance between skin and bone is considered so as to recreate the injection in a realistic way.

Is training included when I buy the product?

Yes. The product includes a tutorial dealing with its main uses.

Am I ready to work on a real patient after having trained with the simulator?

No. These simulators do not allow for later practice on a patient. They can only be used for training.