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Experience a breakthrough in aesthetic trainings with the iFaceSimulator S1 – a sophisticated and hyper-realistic device meticulously designed to replicate the intricate anatomical features of the human face. Life-sized and brimming with detail, this cutting-edge simulator allows you to perfect your skills before administering injections and other aesthetics procedures on real patients.

Every aspect of the iFaceSimulator S1 is carefully crafted to closely resemble the complexities of the human face. The thickness and texture of each part accurately mimic the experience of injecting real patients. With this lifelike simulator, doctors and new injectors can practice and fine-tune their techniques, ensuring utmost precision in every procedure.

Comprehensive Training Included:

To aid in your journey towards mastery, we provide a comprehensive training session that cover not only the effective usage of the iFaceSimulator but also the proper maintenance to ensure a long-life use.

Gain confidence as you practice, inject, and refine your abilities before transitioning to actual patients.

The iFaceSimulator S1 stands as the pinnacle of learning tools in the aesthetic field. By providing a realistic platform for hands-on practice, it empowers medical professionals to elevate their expertise and deliver exceptional results. Don’t miss this unparalleled opportunity to expand your knowledge and refine your techniques.

Purchase Details:

Price: USD (United States Dollars)
Training Session Included: Your purchase of the iFaceSimulator S1 includes a dedicated training session, ensuring you maximize the benefits of this exceptional tool.

Delivery fees: iFace Simulator with free shipping cost during Happy Holidays deals, the mentioned value is the final one + additional custom duties in your own country.

Shipping Time: The iFaceSimulator does not include shipping costs; the listed price is the base cost, and shipping is an additional fee. Please note that there may be additional customs clearance duties in your country.

Secure your appointment today and embark on a transformative journey of skill enhancement with the iFaceSimulator. Order now to receive this game-changing device and unlock a world of possibilities!

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