iFaceSimulator R1


A new way to practice rhinoplasty accessible to everyone.

The iFace R1 Simulator is an innovative tool designed to provide a realistic and practical training experience in the field of nasal plastic surgery. This simulator consists of three distinct parts: the skin, the bony part, and the cartilage part.

Key Features:

– Detailed anatomical components: Allows working on nasal components similarly to a real surgery, facilitating familiarity with the complex interaction between cartilages.

– Versatility in techniques: Ideal for beginners and experienced professionals, it allows practicing a wide variety of techniques, such as skin incisions, dissection, separation, and resection of cartilages, intradominal and interdominal sutures, among others.

– Cartilage modeling: It includes lateral upper and lower cartilages, which can be modeled and worked on like a real nose, allowing for both structural and preservation rhinoplasties.

– Comprehensive training: Allows practicing both structural and preservation rhinoplasties, offering a complete and effective training experience.


– Realism: Provides a realistic and practical training experience that faithfully simulates nasal surgery.

– Safe training: Allows students and professionals to practice surgical techniques safely and controlled, without risk to patients.

– Versatility: Adaptable to different skill and experience levels, from beginners to experienced surgeons.

– Wide applicability: Suitable for use in educational settings, clinics, and training centers worldwide.


– Medical education: Ideal for training medical students, residents, and surgeons in the field of rhinoplasty.

– Clinical practice: Useful for practicing and perfecting surgical techniques before applying them to real patients.

– Research: Can be used to conduct research and clinical studies related to rhinoplasty and nasal plastic surgery.


The iFace R1 Rhinoplasty Simulator is an invaluable tool for training and education in nasal plastic surgery. With its detailed design, versatility in techniques, and realism in simulation, it offers a comprehensive and effective training experience for medical students and professionals.

Note: The iFace R1 Simulator is for single-use only, as it cannot be re-operated once used. It can continue to be used for observation purposes, but not for surgery, and is disposable after initial operation.

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