Discovery Model



A New Chapter of Exploration Begins

The advanced iFace Discovery Model has been meticulously designed to serve as an essential educational tool in the field of facial aesthetic medicine.
It is specifically aimed at enhancing clinical skills related to the application of injectable treatments, focusing on the vascular and muscular anatomy.

This skinless face model, precisely reveals the subdermal structures, illustrating the complex networks of facial muscles, and blood vessels commonly encountered in clinical practice.

Confidence Through Clarity

Thanks to the iFace Discovery Model, you will have access to a detailed anatomy of the
musculature, veins, arteries, glands, and fat compartments. This will enable you to better understand the anatomy of these structures and, in turn, demonstrate and teach your students the importance and relationships involved in the outcomes of various procedures, as well as the risk zones and complications that can arise from not having an in-depth knowledge of the anatomy when injecting.

Additionally, this model will be useful to have in your clinic to show your patients in detail
the specific areas of the face where procedures will be performed. It provides greater security and confidence, as they will be able to see with their own eyes, on a hyper-realistic model, what the outcome will be and which anatomical structures will be involved.

Master the Neck Anatomy

One of the most notable features of the model is the detailed inclusion of neck anatomy, encompassing not just the face but also the chin, submental region, neck, and associated muscles. This comprehensive approach provides aesthetic medicine professionals with an in-depth understanding of the structural and aesthetic changes affecting this critical region. Additionally, the model displays the dynamics of the platysma muscle on one side, offering a clear comparison of its visual and functional impact on neck aesthetics. This feature is invaluable for procedures aimed at mitigating the effects of aging on the neck, allowing specialists to practice and demonstrate rejuvenation and correction techniques effectively.

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