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Immerse yourself in the revolution of botulinum toxin education with our cutting-edge iFace E-Toxin Simulator, the latest model designed exclusively to enhance your learning in toxin application and understand the anatomy associated with these injections!

This pioneering simulator features a layer of adhered superficial skin and fat that can be lifted, revealing a detailed muscle layer developed in collaboration with the distinguished anatomist, Prof. Sebastian Cotofana. The uniqueness of this model lies in its meticulous focus on facial musculature, providing you the opportunity to explore each key muscle, its connections, and interactions, both with each other and the bony structure. The three-dimensionality of superficial, middle, and deep muscles is presented uniquely, offering an unparalleled anatomical study experience.

The true innovation lies in the ability to practice injection techniques hyper-realistically. Thanks to its specific design for toxin use, you can feel each layer as you refine your skills. But that’s not all; the iFace E-Toxin Simulator introduces a distinctive feature: upon injection, you can observe a color change and reaction in the treated muscle, transitioning from red to white. This visual response allows you to assess the precision of your injection techniques immediately and risk-free.

Imagine perfecting your injection skills in a safe and controlled environment, observing visual changes indicating the effectiveness of your technique. With the iFace E-Toxin Simulator, you can practice repeatedly, gaining confidence and proficiency without endangering any patients.

Don’t miss the opportunity to transform your training with this innovative tool! For more information or to acquire the iFace E-Toxin Simulator, contact us directly. Your journey toward excellence in botulinum toxin practice begins here.

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