We would like to welcome you to the portal where you can experience the course designed by Prof. Sebastian Cotofana, specifically tailored for those who acquire MAX. In this course, you will have the opportunity to learn about the anatomy of the skull in a manner that was previously unprecedented. MAX not only represents a remarkable work of art but also closely resembles an actual human skull, as it was created from a computed tomography scan.

Thank you, and we look forward to your learning journey with Max!

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Course Curriculum:

Title: Discovering MAX: Educational Course on Facial Bony Anatomy and the Aging Process

Instructor: Professor Sebastian Cotofana

Duration: 18 minutes

Together and based on MAX the skull – iFace model, you will not only obtain a unique model, which is the best combination of art and science, but you will also receive a course that provides a comprehensive understanding of facial bony anatomy and explores the age-related changes that occur in the facial skeleton. The course will be presented by Professor Sebastian Cotofana, who will be using MAX as a basis. Together, they will guide participants through the essential aspects of facial bones, including their locations, names, and the impact of facial aging on these structures.

Curriculum Outline:

1 - Introduction

– Welcome and Introduction
– Overview of the Course Objectives
– Introduction to MAX the skull – iFace model

– Explanation of Skull Bone Division: Neurocranium and Viscerocranium

– Detailed Description of Neurocranium Bones: Frontal, Sphenoid, Ethmoid, Parietal, Temporal, Occipital
– Additional Bones within Petrous Component of Temporal Bone (Ossicles)

– Examination of Viscerocranium Bones: Mandible, Maxilla, Palatine, Vomer, Zygomatic, Nasal
– Description of the Zygomatic Arch: Zygomatic Bone, Temporal Bone
– Exploration of Specific Regions: Orbit, Lacrimal Crests, Lacrimal Sac, Nasal Bones, Nasal Spine, Alveolar Process
– Components of the Mandible: Mandibular Symphysis, Body, Ramus
– Temporomandibular Joint: Coronoid and Condylar Processes

– Temporal Fossa Anatomy
– Pterion: Weakest Point of Neurocranium.
– Components and Importance of Temporal Fossa

– Supraorbital Region Openings (Supraorbital Neurovascular Bundle, Supratrochlear Nerve)
– Infraorbital Region (Infraorbital Foramen)
– Mental Foramen and its Contents

– Introduction to Age-Related Changes
– Forehead Changes and Influence on Appearance
– Gender Differences in Forehead and Aging
– Midface Changes (Maxilla and Zygomatic Bone)
– Midfacial Height Reduction, Soft Tissue Descent
– Maxilla Clockwise Rotation, Midfacial Support Loss
– Posterior Maxilla Anticlockwise Rotation, Bone Resorption Center
– Mandible Alveolar Process Reduction, Lower Facial Support Loss

– Aging Effects on the Mandible and Alveolar Process
– Influence on the Pathway of Nerves and Arteries

– Recap of Bony Anatomy and Aging Process
– Enhanced Understanding of Bone Locations and Projections
– Conclusion and Thanks for Attention

The course will be delivered as a virtual educational session, providing clear visuals and explanations through the collaboration of Professor Sebastian Cotofana and MAX the skull – iFace model. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of facial bony anatomy and the changes that occur during the aging process. The curriculum ensures a comprehensive exploration of essential concepts within the given time frame, fostering an increased understanding of facial skeletal structures and their significance in facial aging.

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